Project 365 malarkey

Someone care to explain to me what in the world this Project 365 thing is?
I've noticed it popping up all over the net, but the point of which is not too clear to me =\

Hmmm..also came across this poor fellow lying on a boardwalk 2 days ago...a sign of things to come? ...hope not!


Few months back, i blogged about my 3rd and last ditch attempt to use clipless pedals.
Well, the good news it i finally mastered it (i really do hope so)... To treat myself, i bought a new pair of Time ATAC ROC S pedals before the Eneloop Mountain Bike carnival in Singapore (more on this later).

Been quite happy with them and they seem to just work without any fuss. Today however, i bashed the left pedal into a rock on the way down my usual's the resulting damage :( ROCs indeed ...tsk tsk, poor babies :(


God i can't wait to get to KL on Tuesday..then it's down to Singapore for my first real race. Hope i don't let my team mates down!

For absolutely no reason at all...i've been having this weird strain on my eyes for the past few days...had this a few months back, but it mysteriously cured itself...hmmm

KLD 2008 @ Bukit JalilYes yes, it's been awhile

Last month, or was it 2 months ago, i attened the KL Downtown event at Bukit Jalil. I've no idea why they called it downtown because it was in bloody Bukit Jalil out in the boondocks! Either way, they had Cedric Garcia and Steve Peat there, so that was more than enough for most people, including me to attend. Besides, I might as well have supported my friends taking part in the event too :D

Anyways, here are the pics!

All in all, the event was not too bad :) I must say i couldn't believe how much the event organizers actually paid to bring Cedric and Peaty in tho...not much change left of 100k, each.....interesting =\

Time ATAC Alium Pedals - 2 weeks on...

I've been cycling for quite a few years now (nearly 10, with pauses in between). Such is the case that you'd expect me to at least have given clipless pedals a go. Sure enough, i attempted to do so on various occasions (3 actually), and each time that i tried, it ended in tears...the horrid crash while stuck to the bike *gulp*.

Anyway, two weeks ago i decided to take the clipless pedal plunge again after some hefty persuasion from two friends, with an added dash of curiosity. Could they really be that much better than my current trusty companion of Shimano DX flatties and Five Ten shoes with their sticky soles?

To start of, i decided to borrow a pair of Shimano SPD's from my friend Ben, but he couldn't find the cleats to go with them, and neither could i. So rather than wait for one to materialize, i just popped over to the bike shop and after much pondering settled for a pair of Time ATAC Alium's over Crank Bro's egg beater pedals. The Time's were definitely heavier (410grams) but they also came with various raving reviews for reliability and extremely low maintenance. The Crank Bro's items were nearly as reliable in rough conditions but needed frequent service to keep their bearings running smoothly.

So to cut a long story short, I got the TIME ATAC Alium's. I've been running them now for more than a month through mud, think mud, and clay. The pedals have been dead reliable and they still spin as smoothly as they did when i first installed them.

I've only got one problem with them however. Why did they even bother painting them? Here's a pic of them after the 3rd ride!

Fear not however...i've discovered the beauts below..all in their polished glory. Next pair of them perhaps :)

Too much free time?

This is what happens when you leave me with too much free time and an tools within easy reach =)

Of the lack of inspiration to write!

Hello guys and girls! I would say that this blog's been around for quite awhile now...and especially lately, i can't seem to find the inspiration to write about anything! I really do admire some friends who manage to update their blogs so regularly, sometimes even more than once a question: HOW??!?!?!

In other news, i've finally got back into cycling and am in the process of "learning" how to use clipless pedals. For that, i got hold of some Time ATAC Alium's after reading various raving reviews of them (more on them in a later post).

Also related to cycling, I've been busy spring cleaning and filtering out old parts to sell. In that i've discovered that i have a lovely pair of Avid Code DH disk brakes! AND, at least a dozen old stems to get rid of, refer to pic below :) Anybody wants to buy them?

Hmmm...mind you, this is the smaller box of accessories :) In any case, anyone have a suggestion on where's the best place to get rid of them?